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Kapıdan içeriye girdiğinizde daha kendisini görmeden enerjisini hissettiğiniz bir insandır Kemal'e hanım..geçmeyen iç huzursuzluğu yutkunamama mide bağırsak problemleri ve yıllarca doktor doktor gezmeme rağmen sebebi bilinmeyen ayak şişliklerim bile 2 ay gibi kısa bir Yok oldu gitti..bir uzmandan da öte ikinci bir annem gibi davranan ve elinden gelenin fazlasını yapan ve işinin karşılığını fazlasıyla veren mütevazı alçak gönüllü Harika bir insan kendisi iyi ki iyi ki varsınız Kemal'e hanım...

Respectable Ms. Kemale! I wanted to meet with you, but I learned that you are not in Baku. When are you planning to come to Baku? Is it possible to reach you by Skype? Hope to meet with you,
Sevda Hüseynova

Hello Ms. Kemale. To know you is a great happiness for me and for my family. All problems in our life have started to disappear one by one. You saved us from all negative energies. You halted the disease progression of my mother. It progresses positively. My mother and I will be glad to you though all my life.

Believe me that you became our sun.


I went to Ms. Kemale for healing and God bless her. I understood that I was in the right place from the moment I went there first. You understand that she is the expert of this after you enter inside and your feelings lead to you. Release yourself, you are in good hands. I thank again from here to her.


Hello, I had weakness, inability to do the housework, shortness of breath, frequent enervation lasted for 18 years.  I tried all doctors. They sent me back in the end by not finding anything, later than I saw Ms. Kemale in the internet and went to her. A miracle happened after the first session of the heal, all of my problems disappeared immediately. To write these in here is not enough my miracle sister. For me, everything got back on the rails, I am so glad to have you. I think you are a matter of heal for people.

May God bless you.


Hello, I met with Ms. Kemale by way of a friend… and the best thing I did was to participate in her sessions. I feel myself more energetic and positive. So glad I have you Ms. Kemale. I owe you so much. The things I felt in sessions are nameless and priceless.

Thank you soooo much for your help.


I saw Ms. Kemal first on television. I admired to her sincerity, frankness and her egoless, modest approach that she feels free to say recurrently that the real power is not with her, is with the God, when I saw her on television and in the contact with her face to face. She is a rare person who is aware of both the power and the limits…Everybody who comes here is considered as they accept the existence of an unseen divine power. However, due to the fact that we don’t get a visible concrete thing about these, we have difficulties to understand these subjects. This is because we do not have a knowledge about these. Fortunately, there are miracles, masters as Ms. Kemale in this world. Our part is to know the value of these people is to appreciate them. Rest should be expected from the God quietly and patiently. Including me, the only question mark people have as I observed when I went there for sessions, was the financial part of it. I would like to say to the ones who worries about the money; aren’t we the people who pay yearly at least 2-3 thousand liras to fitness centers and in all, we only benefit for 10-15 times from these fitness centers? Besides, the price of a session of Ms. Kemale is much more appropriate than the costs of psychologist / psychiatrists. By the way, when you consider the happiness, freshness and peace you feel after the sessions, you start to see the cost you give even little, you should know that :) Chakra, energy or something else, doesn’t matter whatever the name is, I have learn in the end that if we got to the doctor for physical illnesses and take medicines, there are spiritual doctors like Ms. Kemale for solving spiritual problems except the methods of taking medicines. There will be no side effects to try this place before going to a psychiatrist and taking side effected medicines. May God bless Ms. Kemale. I liked her humanity more than her job and I felt debted to write these in here. I don’t think that I will go to another bioenergy expert after knowing Ms. Kemale, if I even go by mistake, I do not think that I will be affected that much and I will heal that much…I would like to highlight that Ms. Kemale is different and privileged. I believe that the God provided heal to her hands…Sincere regards..


Dear Ms. Kemale! I am appreciated to meet with you. I am grateful to you with all my good wishes! How nice that the God makes a person come across with you! God help you all the time, dear merciful Ms. Kemale.



I met with Ms. Kemale by way of a friend. I came through so interesting things during the sessions of heal. Symptoms of yawning, hiccupping, crying occurred. After that, it gave me positive energy and during this, really a force was pushing me (although Ms. Kemale was not touching me), I felt it. Ms. Kemale has an incredible power and energy. I feel myself really good. So glad I have you. I love you.


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